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New Fashion App Aims to Honestly Answer the Question,
“How do I Look?”

Pro4Pro's new fashion app Siono allows users to poll for anonymous opinions on any ensemble May 6, 2014 – Today, Pro4Pro released what is sure to become the handiest tool in everyone's fashion arsenal. Siono, available on iTunes, is not just for the fashion forward. This app was designed for virtually anyone who has ever wondered if their outfit looks good, or maybe even if it makes them look a little too hefty. Friends and family, even strangers at the mall, are often too kind to look someone in the face and say that his or her outfit really doesn't work.

“Dad, do you like this dress on me?” These are the eight words that prompted John Kasko to develop Síono. No father wants to tell his little girl that she doesn't look her best, so Kasko suggested that she ask her friends. When he found out that she didn't trust them to tell the truth, John knew that the app marketplace was missing something major. So, he set out to develop Siono.

“I wanted an app that not only allowed people to get fashion advice when and where they needed it, but one that I would allow my 14 year old daughter to use safely,” said John Kasko, Pro4Pro's founder. Through Siono, anyone can get completely anonymous fashion advice from friends, the public or even dear old dad. It's beneficial to all because people are finally free to give their honest opinions and they no longer have to wonder whether someone is trying not to hurt their feelings.

Users post images of themselves with an outfit, accessory or anything fashion related and request advice from friends, the public or both. Users can also request advice from just their top five friends, called the “Fab5.” Friends will receive a push notification asking for their advice. To weigh in, they just tap one of the following: “Keep it,” “Maybe,” or “Toss it.” Results are displayed in real time and shown in categories of friends, public, guys and gals.

Siono's settings allow users to receive feedback on one outfit for three minutes or up to one hour. A quick three-minute post is perfect for getting opinions in the dressing room, while allowing raters an hour will increase the likelihood of getting more responses; perfect for deciding what to wear for work, school or that big date.

Giving advice is as fun and easy, and users have found that it's also rather addicting.

About Pro4Pro
Pro4Pro is a tech development company that specializes in apps designed to make people's lives easier. The company's first app, MyProofs, was developed for the world of professional photography. GoSee followed as an app to help professional models share their portfolios and advance in their careers. Now, Siono aims to elevate users' style and remove the worry from trying a new look. Available now for iPhone; Android version planned for June 2014.

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