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When are people most honest? When it's anonymous, of course!
Get honest real-time fashion advice from your online network of friends with Síono.
Have you ever taken an outfit home from a solo shopping trip and thought, “What was I thinking?”

Imagine getting a resounding “thumbs up” on an outfit before you even take out your credit card. Get instant, anonymous fashion advice while you're shopping, or even when you're at home selecting an outfit for that big date. All from the palm of your hand!

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Fashion Advice
from head to toe

Use Síono to get advice on interview attire, special occasion outfits or even everyday jean and shoe combos. You'll never make another fashion faux pas again!

When you simply must look your best, Síono that outfit before you go out in public.

Keep It
Maybe or Toss It

Here's how it works:
1. Take a selfie (or have your friend play photographer) of the outfit in question.
2. Post it to your Síono profile to request advice. Post in incogníto mode if you prefer to remain anonymous, and use privacy settings to control who sees your image.
3. Get instant feedback! Síono will even show you which advice came from guys vs. girls and friends vs. public, so you can decide how much weight those anonymous opinions hold.

The advice is simple: Keep it, Maybe or Toss it, and no comments are allowed.

Fast Advice
Anytime, Anywhere

You'll see the totals for each Keep it, Maybe or Toss It votes.

Get advice in under 3 minutes from your friends and/or the world! Once the time has run out on your post, the advice time ends, and you can view and/or save your results for later.

Síono ~ Your Personal Fashion Adviser in the Palm of Your Hand

Made for everyone

Fashion advice requests can be as private as you want them to be on Síono. Request advice from your Fashion Team Friends, from the Public, or from both. Add an "Incogníto" disguise to hide your identity, or just snap a body image of your fashion items. Síono never reveals your user name or any other information about you when you are posting your images, or when you're providing fashion advice to others.

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Síono was created for anyone who has ever asked the question; "How does this look?"

John Kasko, Founder

Síono · My go-to fashion adviser.

Bob Smith, Fashion challenged

Forget salespeople, get the truth about how it looks!

Tracy Cigarski, Fashionista

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